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For Small Businesses

A recent article posted at Monster.com revealed that today’s employees value healthcare benefits more than vacation time and pay raises! Small business owners understand this, and usually want to provide more for their loyal employees, but too often cannot afford traditional insurance plans. As a result, employers suffer from higher employee absences due to oral health emergencies and higher turnover from staff who need dental insurance.  

But BridgeTower Dental Benefits can help you avoid unnecessary absences, turnover, and even attract quality talent to your team!  Dr. Thomas Cox has designed an affordable plan that will allow employers to provide preventative dental care for their employees.  For a very low monthly fee per person, Dr. Cox will provide your valued team members with all their routine preventative dental needs.  Enrolled employees may choose to purchase the same plan for their loved ones.  There are no sign up fees or annual charges – only savings and better health!    

Every year, enrolled employees will be entitled to receive:

  • 2 Adult Cleanings
  • 2 Doctor Exams
  • Appropriate Xrays
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Unlimited PAs (emergency X-rays)

For a complete description of BridgeTower Benefits and/or a proposal for your business, contact us today!

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